Saturday, 25 April 2015

Cáit O’Riordan on ‘And the Band played Waltzing Matilda’


The Pogues also recorded this as the B side of their first single released on their own label as Pogue Mahone. I still have my copy but I have long since lost the sleeve (black with a harp sticker?) on which Cáit had written down her parents address (in Hounslow?) as a reminder to keep in touch as I was leaving London to go to live anywhere else apart from the UK

Paul Kelly - When I Come Home To You

ANZAC day 2015

If you are going to mark the occasion with a musical tribute then do it like this...

...not like this

Friday, 24 April 2015

Asaf Avidan - npr Tiny Desk Concert

My Latest Sin
Different Pulses
Reckoning Song


William S. Burroughs - Interviewed by John Walters 'Walters Week' (BBC Radio 1 11/11/82)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

A William Burroughs Birthday Book (Temple Press 1994)

Thanks Stylo

Pantha du Prince - Live @Shanti Moscow (7/12/08)

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - A New Sequence (In C)


Magic Mushrooms & The Healing Trip

The Trip Treatment

How Jeff Mills Built A UFO Drum Machine

Techno pioneer Jeff Mills has long been fascinated by outer space, and the unknown. It's a fascination that lead him to work with Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki on a truly unique object...

Anzac Day should be quarantined from politicians – a solemn moment to reflect on the agony of war

Testet ölt - Wellness

Recorded during December 2014 at "Studio 11" in Subotica by Vladimir Grubor.
Testet ölt is an experimental rock band from Temerin (Vojvodina, Serbia), whose real psychedelic potential can be felt live since 2011.
The lineup:
Lenkes - guitar
Stupar - drums
Bojić - bass
Czini - keyboard

Reclaiming reality

Chien-Chi Chang: Burma - Land of Shadows

Burma, Land of Shadows: A production of Magnum in Motion with photographs and video by Chien-Chi Chang.
“The Burmese continue to live a real-life version of Animal Farm. When I posed as a tourist to make these pictures, there always seemed to be shadows following me. Big Brother has many little brothers.”
Chien-Chi Chang (b.1961, Taiwan) earned his BA from Soochow University in 1984 and an MS from Indiana University in 1990. He has worked for The Seattle Times (1991-1993) and The Baltimore Sun (1994-1995). Chang has documented the life of illegal immigrants in New York’s Chinatown, but he is also known for documenting his homeland of Taiwan. He won the W. Eugene Smith Fund for Humanistic Photography in 1999. He lives in Taipei and in New York City and is a member of Magnum Photos

Hank Shocklee: NPR Microphone Check


Van Der Graaf Generator - Live at Leverkusen (5/11/05)

Undercover Man - 00:00
Scorched Earth - 07:30
Every Bloody Emperor - 17:00
Lemmings - 24:37
Darkness 11/11 - 38:25
Childlike Faith in Childhood's End - 46:28
Sleepwalkers - 58:57
Nutter Alert - 1:09:35
Man-Erg - 1:16:35
Killer - 1:29:04
Wondering - 1:37:35

Guy Evans - drums
Peter Hammill - vocals, guitar
Hugh Banton - keys
David Jackson - sax

Rob Smith - Live @Idle Hands Bristol (4/4/15)

The Pop Group / Sleaford Mods Split 7"

The Man Who Broke The Music Business

Kathy Acker’s pioneering adventures in the internet’s erogenous zone

Imagine waking up tomorrow and all music has disappeared (Trailer)

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Afrique (take 3 vocal)

Unreleased Conny Plank session with jazz-legend Duke Ellington

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Nick Cave - The Sick Bag Song Reading & QandA (Porchester Hall London 16/4/15)



Adrian Sherwood - NTS Radio (31/315)

Digging deep: Adrian Sherwood’s post-punk productions

Nick Cave - The Sick Bag Song (New York)

Nick Cave's Red Right Hand in the style of Dr Seuss


Bono Ono - 13 Step Program

Name your own price download

Why are you still here?

Australian Anti Vaxxers Hit A New Low

Probably best not to read the comments

Vivian Goldman: Jah Punk - New Wave Digs Reggae (Sounds, 3 September 1977)

Don Letts & Bob Marley

Jagged Little Pill

Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe

On immigration, the language of genocide has entered the mainstream

Oliver Sacks: Spalding Gray's Catastrophe