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Letterman? Guess it just must be an American thing. I sort of wished Crispin Glover's foot had connected with the head

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Bill Laswell & Axiom Sound System (Musical Freezone) - PBS Soundstage (July 13 2006)

Throughout three decades, Bill Laswell has been a constant innovator, fusing seemingly disparate genres into a whole new sound. Touching upon everything from worldbeat, funk, rock, hip-hop and jazz, there are no limits to his experimental approach. No matter what the project, one thing remains a constant – Laswell’s pretty basslines provide a rhythm to which all sounds connect beautifully. The Grammy winner is one of the most prolific artists in modern music, fronting his own band Material and serving as producer, label owner and performer on other’s albums. He has worked with many respected artists, including Herbie Hancock, Mick Jagger, Peter Gabriel, Yoko Ono and Laurie Anderson.
Among his many talents is his ability to bring together well-matched singers and players to create a distinct style that defies easy classification. His Soundstage episode embodies his unique approach, transcending any genre boundaries and delivering an engaging performance. From the World Beat of Tabla Beat Science, to the jazzy flavors of Pharoah Sanders backed by Material, it’s an exciting mix. Other surprises include a rocking Buckethead set that includes a little breakdancing and songs by Praxis. The show culminates with an all-star performance, funked up by Bootsy Collins

Fred Frith - Live @Teatro de la Ciudad Mexico City (27/03/07)

Coldcut Presents 2 Hours of Sanity Pt. 1 - Love

This is Part 1 in a new Coldcut series of mixes.
The mind map lists the bases we want to cover, and some part of the links between our lifelong music experience and the electronic scene of today. It's partly about playing with the interface between DJ mixes of other peoples tunes, and producer/studio mixes creating original tunes. Using micro slicing and multi threading of material, with an ear for the magic moment of harmonic mix beauty and eye for mix aptness.
The project is also about celebrating the history of musical experimentation, featuring innovators ancient to the future. Using spoken word from Sun Ra's Arkestra as a leitmotif, it's a tribute from Coldcut to some of the artists we feel have both moved us and changed the game.Tracklist:
1. Flying Lotus - Brainfeeder
2. Spacetime - ContinuumFluoresence
3. Jevetta Steele - Calling You by
4. King Tubby - Baby I Love You So (Dub)
5. Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme
6. Carl Craig - It's a Wonderful Life
7. Linda Perhacs - Chimacum Rain
8. Marc Moulin - Tohubohuby
9. Roy Harper - Another Day
10. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Numbers
11. Todd Rundgren - I Was Born To Synthesize
12. Jon Hopkins - Vessels
13. Diana Ross - Love Hangover
14. Billy Cobham - Heather
15. Art of Noise - Moments In Love
16. Krayzie Bone - Murda Mo
17. Ennio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In The West
18. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Cloak and Dagger
19. Franz Ferdinand - This Fire
20. Talk Talk - The Rainbow, Eden, Desire
21. Tape Beatles - Beautiful State
22.  Peverelist & Pinch - Revival
23. Kode9 - Magnetic City
24. George Duke - Pyschosomatic Dung
25. Cornelius - Wataridori
26. Herbie Hancock - Nobuby
27. Yusef Lateef - Plum Blossum
28. Jim Morrison - A Vast Sunshine
29. Hyetal & Shortstuff - Ice Cream
30. Red Light - MDMA
31. Laurie Anderson - My Eyes
32. His Boy Elroy - Revolve
33. Flying Lotus - Mmmhmm (Feat. Thundercat)
34. Roy Budd - Hallucinations
35. Vinyl Ritchie - In The Woods
36. Sun Ra - Languidity

New Colour: Coldcut’s Journeys By DJ - 70 Minutes of Madness

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DJ Bone - Boiler Room @Bloc

01. Detroit Intro - DJ Bone
02.B2F 7 - Jeff Mills
03. Polygon Pink Toast - Bjarki
04.Points Zero - Jack Murphy
05.Fantasia (Truncate Remix) - Kink
06. Altered Ego - Floorplan
07.Fuego (Ben Sims Remix - Stephen Brown
08.The Last Dance (Orig mix) - Deetron
09.Walpurgis Night - CRC (2)
10. Rock to the Beat (Ben Sims Remix) - Kevin Saunderson
11.Sideways (Ben Sims & Paul Mac Remix) - Tim Baker Ft Elbee Bad
12.Detroit is...Hard - DJ Bone
13.Rip The Cut - Planetary Assault Systems
14.Strings of Life (DJ Bone Remix) - Rhythim is Rhythim
15.Distracted - O Phase
16.Can't You See - Ben Sims feat. Paul Mac
17.Differ-Ent (ity) - Differ-Ent
18.Real - Kendrick Lamar feat. Anna Wise

Keith Rowe - tabletop electric guitar

When my band played its very first gig back in 1981 we had Keith as support which when you think about it is absolutely fugn crazy!

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David Hockney: Joiners


Jah Wobble's Top Ten Bass Lines

The media’s reaction to Seymour Hersh’s bin Laden scoop has been disgraceful

The end of an era

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Bvdub - A Step In The Dark (Released 11 June)

Coil - The Side Effects Of Life

This is a recording of the Love's Secret Domain demo tape that was sent by Coil to WaxTrax! circa 1989/90. There are an unknown number out there, however there have been 2 confirmed, one from the Coil archives that was sold by Thighpaulsandra in early 2014 on eBay and the one this recording comes from, found in a record store in Chicago in late 2013. This copy is most probably the source of the "Love's Septic Demise" mp3 that's been floating around the 'net since the early 2000s.
1: Fidgit (Further Back And Faster demo)
2: Dark River
3: Window Pain
4: Teenage Lightning
5: Titan Arch
6: Scope
7: Carvers & Gilders (Chaostrophy demo)
8: Fidgit 2 (Alternate truncated FBAF
Notes about the material:
It's less of a proper demo and more of a medley of early versions of tracks that ended up on LSD and the Wrong Eye/Scope 7". The songs blend into one another and occasionally bits from one will show up in the others. My best guess is that they made the tape by playing multiple dat/cassette decks through a mixer, and just kinda rode the faders to make it. The tape itself plays about a quarter speed fast (as noticeable in the Love's Septic Demise mp3,) most likely due to the voltage difference on the machines used to record it in the UK, then playing it here in the USA. Additionally, the tape is in rough shape and the right channel disappears a few times, most notably during Carvers & Gilders and Love's Secret Domain

Horsedreamer - Bolder

Horsedreamer is a collaboration project by Roger Robinson of King Midas Sound and Piers Faccini

Kouichi Okamoto: Liquid Bookmarks


Four Horsemen


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The Rise of Data Artists

William S. Burroughs: How To Treat The 'Bottomless Arm' (1976)

(Click to enlarge)
Originally printed in Crawdaddy (March 1976)

Black Angel (1980 short film)

Accompanied by an exclusive introduction from the director Roger Christian, the incredible fantasy short returns. It was first released in certain cinemas ahead of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. Lost for 35 years, it has been found and restored to its former glory

Let The Fire Burn (Philadelphia May 13, 1985)

The Bombing of Osage Avenue (1986)

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Rainbow Serpent Festival 2015: A Retrospective Film

Rainbow is proud to present our 2015 Retrospective Film, once again crafted by the talented Dujon from Optical Alkemi. This is our fourth retrospective and in conjunction with our photographers we are slowly producing a fantastic historical record of our annual gathering. We invite you to grab a cuppa and treat yourself to some of the most memorable moments from Rainbow Serpent Festival 2015

P.C. Hipsta


An Interview with the Heroinhead

It's not the junkie who needs rehab; it's the world.
We need to solve the root problem of why so many take the drug road. I'm only against rehab because it blatantly doesn't work. But I'm all for people wanting to live a substance-free life. My ideal world would be one where no stimulants or substances are needed. With no ideal world, I understand why people use drugs. Our rehabs/schemes all have an angle of punishment worked into their philosophy, whereby you are going to fucking pay for your past sins ... you are going to suffer for sobriety. This isn't a treatment, it's a purging of the soul, a walk back through your own corruption and sin, a system designed to have you on your knees begging for forgiveness (and methadone). It's a punishment and the punishment doesn't work
If you've never read Shane's writings...well do yourself a favour and head over to 'Memoires of a Heroinehead'.  Settle in because you may be there for a while

A Celebration of the Life of Bernard Stollman (7 June NY)

We will gather to remember Bernard Stollman on Sunday, June 7, 4-9 PM, in Studio A of the Alchemical Theatre at 104 West 14th St. in Manhattan. All who wish to pay their respects to his blessed memory are invited for an evening of musical and verbal tributes to Bernard and his magnificent legacy. RSVP to so that we will have an idea of how many folks we will have to accommodate.
Those who cannot attend are invited to send their thoughts to be shared during this celebration

The Wailers - Live @Leeds Polytechnic (27/11/73) SBD

1. "Duppy Conqueror"
2. "Slave Driver"
3. "Burnin' And Lootin'"
4. "Can't Blame The Youth"
5. "Stop That Train"
6. "Midnight Ravers"
7. "No More Trouble"
8. "Kinky Reggae"
9. "Get Up, Stand Up"
10. "Stir It Up"
11. "Put It On"
12. "Lively Up Yourself"

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Style Scott tribute with rare live Dub Syndicate & Roots Radics tracks

01 Dub Syndicate - 1996 Cafe Tomo, Arcata, This Show is Coming
02 Itals with Roots Radics 1983 amherst instrumental
03 Itals with Roots Radics 1983 amherst instrumental
04 Itals with Roots Radics 1983 amherst instrumental
05 Israel Vibration w Roots Radics New Wave
06 Radics with Gregory Isaacs - 1980 Dub
07 Radics with Gregory Isaacs - 1980 Soon Forward
08.Dub Syndicate - Reggae on the River 1996
09 Dub Syndicate -2007-02-21- Egyptian Reggae
10 Dub Syndicate - 1996 Cafe Tomo, Arcata, Wa Da Da
11 Radics - Reggae on the River 1989 Instrumental
12 Radics - Reggae on the River 1989 Instrumental
13 Bunny Wailer - Sunsplash 1987 Roots Radics - Swing Easy
14 Bunny Wailer - Sunsplash 1987 Rockers
15 Radics w/ Itals 1983 Instrumental
16 Radics w/ Itals 1983 Instrumental
17 Radics w/ Itals 1983 Instrumental
18 dubsyndicate1998-04-01 Dubadisababa
19 dubsyndicate1998-04-01 No Dog Barks - Band Intros

Chris Marker: Stopover In Dubai (2011)

Marker’s last video Stopover in Dubai is a found-footage film. The original film was produced by the Dubai State Security service, of found CCTV footage tracking the assassins on their way to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his hotel room. Marker took the film as it is and added excerpts of a string quartet as soundtrack
Music - Gorecki: String Quartet No.3, Op.67 'Songs Are Sung': III. Allegro, Sempre Ben Marcato" by Kronos Quartet

Paul Wady - The Terminal Beach (Free download)


P.M. Dawn - Fucked Music / Unreleased Vol. 1 / The Jim Sullivan Syndrome

Fucked Music
1 Intro
2 Insufficent Fundz
3 Air
4 Be B*st*rd
5 Stay Away From Me
6 In My Dreamz
7 Slowly but Surely
8 Trying Timez
9 Blasphemy
10 Don't Make Me Lie To You
11 I Can See Myself
12 Superstition
13 Being Nowhere
14 Hope
15 Uoy Rof Flesym Etah I (Bonus Track)

Unreleased Vol 1
1  Medley Mine Mind
2 A Tale of an Unexplained Soul
3 Sacrificial Blue
4 Savannah-ville
5 The Confidence in Dead Crickets
6 May U Always Drink Bizzare
7 U, Me, the Vibe, Electric
8 Love Is All That Matters to Me
9 To Love & Hate... Seriously
10 Lonely... I Could Be With You Forever

The Jim Sullivan Syndrome
1 Amnesia
2 Under The Bridge
3 Tru Believer (Demo Clip)
4 Fast Car (Demo Clip)
5 No Woman No Cry (Demo Clip)
6 Far Away (Demo Clip)
7 Being Nowhere
8 Superstition

it all started like this....

Get them all

Where are they Now?

Thanks to Rob/Dean/Jay

Bvdub - Forever's End

From the compilation album 'Cismarine' released on the Russian netlabel Cism [cism 5] released Jan 2008

Convoy (ft. Dub Fx, Flower Fairy, Mr. Woodnote, Lil Rhys, CAde, Pete Philly)

A documentary following Dub FX and other members of the Convoy Collective as they begin the ‘Cause & FX’ tour in Amsterdam in 2010

Dub Fx & Chali 2na - In Another Life / The Sky (ft. Dub Princess)


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Chris Burden R.I.P.

Abondon hope (summer is coming)