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I am a responsible gun owner.
I bought my first gun when I was 12. It was a Browning 12-gauge shotgun, and I saved money from my paper route and cleaning a drive-in restaurant to buy it in time for dove season. In the years before I could legally drive, I’d tie the Browning across the handlebars of my bike and ride to the fields outside town to hunt.
I’ve owned several guns since, and own a handgun now. I bought that gun to keep my family safe, and lock it up to keep them safe from it. Like I said, responsible.
And so while I’d like to believe I’m not part and party to the gun violence that stains America, I can’t. My grandmother shot and killed herself with a gun, and a few years ago my father shot and didn’t quite kill himself with one. My stepbrother died in a murder-suicide with a gun, and the husband of one of my sister’s co-workers was killed in a mass shooting.
None of that happened with my gun, of course, but after every new mass shooting, I’m reminded that I bear a portion of the responsibility for our nation’s gun violence. There are too many guns to do anything about it, the gun lobby says. Regulations are a slippery slope that only limit the rights of responsible gun owners, they say.
My gun is being used to argue against common-sense laws and policies that could reduce gun violence in America, arguments I find unconscionable. That’s what being a responsible gun owner means today – I’m responsible. I’ve been uneasy about that for a while now, and ashamed to admit it’s taken two more mass shootings for me to do anything about it.
That ended today. Today I disassembled my handgun, a 9mm Ruger, clamped the pieces in a vice and cut them in half with an angle grinder. I’m sending the proper paperwork into the state to report it destroyed.
None of us individually can stop gun violence in America, but as a responsible gun owner, I will no longer be used as a justification for doing nothing about it. Today I did what I could. Today there is ‪#‎ONELESSGUN
Steve Elliott

Remember that data retention laws come into effect today here in Australia and if using a vpn is good enough for our Prime Minister then it's good enough for us

Nico and John Cooper Clarke

Photo: Peter Noble (1985)

Nico by Jeanloup Sieff (1956)

Andrew Foley: John Cooper Clarke in the style of LS Lowry

Mass Killings Are Seen as a Kind of Contagion

New Order - Restless (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Paul Pope AKA Pulphope: Nick Cave


William S. Burroughs: Photo-Collages (Mexico, Tangier, Paris, etc 1954/61)

"The photo collage is a way to travel that must be used with skill and precision if we are to arrive [...] The collage as a flexible hieroglyph language of juxtapostion: A collage makes a statement." 

'Joy Division is the modern Rembrandt'


That's all good because I don't like them either

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Paul McCartney - Here Today (On John Lennon's death)

Adrian Sherwood interviewed by Jason Heller

Saul Williams - Horn Of The Clock-Bike

Amina Sboui: Tunisia’s Most Outspoken Feminist is Back

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Widdershins (Journey on James)

The first time I caught The Widdershins must have been early 87 when they played at the Baden Powell in Vic Parade which was my first job out here behind the bar and I missed their soundcheck but started work as they were having their meal and then got talking with James and Juliet and had a great chat about nothing and everything and then I heard their set. Oh man they were fucking beautiful. Juliet's voice of course grabbed me. I remember asking who were her influences and she pointed to her cig and said that and Stevie Nicks but it was James's guitar that really stood out for me. I remember taking an old London friend of mine to a gig they did at The Club in Smith St and telling him before to really make a point of listening to James's guitar lines...and well Nag and myself had been in London before and seen some of THE great bands of the punk/post punk time and yeah he agreed that James had that something that elevated him above a lot of other musos. But when all is said and done I will just remember him as being an exceptionally nice human being that I would catch up with from time to time over the next 30 years. A SAD loss to obviously those that loved him but to us as well

A day with Frank Zappa (1971)

As Capt. Willard says: 'a real slice of life doc that gives you a genuine sense of what “a day with Frank Zappa” in 1971 might approximate. And… it’s not glamorous. There’s a lot of home/basement footage of Frank, as well as Gail, naked rug rats (Moon Unit & Dweezil, ages 4 & 2) and a handful of the characters that inhabited their world, including Miss Lucy (Zappa’s sometimes nanny & star of 200 Motels) of the G.T.O.’s, live footage of the Flo & Eddie version of The Mothers, and more. Frank pontificates on a wide array of topics, so casually diverse it even managed to surprise me a bit (having spoken with him myself on a half-dozen occasions), including his own infidelity on the road and how his wife deals with it. Something I’d never heard him really discuss. It’s all enjoyable because much of Frank’s pompous bitterness from his later years is absent here. His attitude is still Frank, however, and you really do get a feel for Grace Slick’s famed quote about Zappa being “the most intelligent asshole” she ever met'

Adrian Sherwood - We Flick the Switch

Gáspar Miklós Tamás: 'This is post-fascism'

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James Cruickshank R.I.P.

From The Widdershins to The Cruel Sea and of my fave Australian musicians

Acid Arab - Hafla (Instrumental)

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The Black Power MixTape 1967-1975 (Excerpts)
In the late '60s, after the assassination of both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement in America gave way to a more militant breed of activists who were demanding greater self-determination for the African-American community and the right to defend themselves against a system they felt was stacked against them. A number of journalists for Swedish television were fascinated with the rise of the Black Panther Party and the larger Black Power movement, and on several occasions sent film crews to the United State to interview major figures in the African-American militant community. Filmmaker Göran Hugo Olsson has used some of this archival footage as the basis for the documentary The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975, which includes vintage interviews with Angela Davis, Eldridge Cleaver, Huey P. Newton, Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale, Louis Farrakhan, and other key figures in the Black Power movement. The newsreels are accompanied by recent interviews with artists, activists, and cultural historians who discuss this volatile period in American history, including Harry Belafonte, Abiodun Oyewole, Melvin Van Peebles, and many others. The Black Power Mixtape was an official selection at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Aleksi Perälä - Colundi Everyone / Slam Radio

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Séance

Official viral clips for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. These seven 1 minute videos were made during a fake Victorian séance to promote the album Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! on YouTube.
These videos were shot at Miller's Academy of Arts & Science, London with advice on séance tricks from Professor Richard Wiseman

Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing

"I don’t know what the ‘big time’ is"
- Tom Waits in 1988
As told to Chris Roberts (from
Hear more from this rare interview:
"He’s a natural raconteur. A great one. You just get out of the way and let him do his thing, perform. If you can nudge the jokes along, so much the better." - Chris Roberts on interviewing Tom Waits.
From this glorious interview (recorded on cassette tape) we decided to just dip inside the mind of Tom Waits. So he takes us to church, Stonehenge, the streets of New York and inside a Hawaiian nightmare. The interview was recorded in a London recording studio and you can hear muffled music throughout the conversation.
Get more on Tom Waits, his turn as an aniamated cartoon in the 1970s, paling around with Keith Richards and Charles Bukowski and GIFs from the episode:

Anarchy in the FB

(Visible) Cloaks - Music Interiors

Mix of Japanese new-age/ambient/minimalist music, mostly emanating from the corporate infrastructure of the 1980s asset bubble. FM synthesis, prefab "lifestyle" soundscapes and the illusion of nature in a hyper-urban environment.
Hiroshi Yoshimura - "Water Planet" from Soundscape 1: Surround
Toshifumi Hinata - "Colored Air" from Reality in Love
Midori Takada - "Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream" from Through the Looking Glass
Yas Kaz - "Jungle Book/Windscape" from Jomon-Sho
Yutaka Hirose - "Nova" from Sound Scape 2: Nova
Shiho Yabuki ‎– "Tomoshibi" from The Body Is A Message Of The Universe
Inoyama Land ‎– "Mizue" from Danzindan-Pojidon
Yoshio Ojima ‎– "Sealed" from Une Collection Des Chainons II: Music For Spiral
Yoichiro Yoshikawa ‎– "Nube" from Cyprus
Interior ‎– "Park" from Interior
Yasuaki Shimizu - "Kono Yo Ni Yomeri #2" from Kakashi
Hiroshi Yoshimura ‎– "Water Copy" from Music For Nine Post Cards
Yoichiro Yoshikawa - "Crater on the Moon" from Miracle Planet
Haruomi Hosono - "(In-store background music for Muji storefront)" from Muji BGM
Kenji Furukawa - "(Untitled Water Recording) from Sound Stream: Mizu

Do you miss the future? Mark Fisher interviewd

Drexciya - Return To Bubble Metropolis Mix

Drexciya - Intro (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Davey Jones Locker (VA - True People: The Detroit Techno Album)
Drexciya - Dehydration (The Quest)
Drexciya - Organic Hydropoly Spore (Neptune's Lair)
Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare (Drexciya Electric Eel Mix) (Electronic Warfare - The Mixes)
Drexciya - Dead Man's Reef (The Quest)
Elecktroids - Mystery World (Electroworld)
The Other People Place - Sorrow & A Cup of Joe (Sunday Night At The Laptop Cafe)
Abstract Thought - Solar Pulse (Hypothetical Situations)
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 2 (Mice or Cyborg)
Transllusion - Dirty South Strut (L.I.F.E.)
Japanese Telecom - Nipponese Robots (Japanse Telecom)
Arpanet - P2101V (Wireless Internet)
Arpanet - Gravitational Lense (Inertial Frame)
Dopplereffekt - Radiometer (Gesamtkunstwerk)
Glass Domain - Fairy (Glass Domain)
Dopplereffekt - Holomorphic n-0 Form (Calabi Yau Space)
Drexciya - Aqua Worm Hole (Bubble Metropolis)
Drexciya - The Plankton Organization (Harnessed The Storm)
Drexciya - Hydro Cubes (Molecular Enhancement)
Drexciya - Hydro Theory (The Journey Home)
L.A.M. - Death Toll (Balance of Terror)
Drexciya - Nautilus 12 (Deep Sea Dweller)
Drexciya - Bubble Chamber (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Bang Bang (The Return of Drexciya)
Clarence G - Clarence G's Club (Safety Copy 01)
Japanese Telecom - Cigarette Lighter (Virtual Geisha)
Eleckroids - Floatation (Electroworld)
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3 (Mice or Cyborg)
Drexciya - Drexcyen Star Chamber (Grava 4)
Transllusion - Dimensional Glide (The Opening of The Cerebral Gate)
Shifted Phases - Scattering Pulsars (The Cosmic Memoirs…)
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami (Harnessed The Storm)
Drexciya - Intro 2 (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Aquatacizem (Interstellar Fugitives)
Drexciya - Aquarazorda (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Wavejumper (Aquatic Invasion)
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler (Der Zyklus II)
Drexciya - Sighting in The Abyss (Aquatic Invasion)
Drexciya - Andean Sand Dunes (Neptune's Lair)
Drexciya- Song of The Green Whale (Harnessed The Storm)
Drexciya - Draining The Tanks (Neptune's Lair)
Drexciya - Interstellar Crime Report (Interstellar Fugitives)

DJ Stingray - Boiler Room London 40 Min DJ Set



Director: Eddie Alcazar
Composer: Flying Lotus

Massive. Pissed. Love

Ordered my copy yesterday


Also bullets should be $200 each just like life saving medications

Chris Hall: Ballardian Architecture 7

Chris Hall analyses architectural aspects of Ballard's short story 'The Terminal Beach'.
'Ballardian Architecture: Inner and Outer Space' was organised by the RA Architecture Programme, and took place in the Reynolds Room at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, on Saturday 15 May 2010

Ballardian Architecture: Inner and Outer Space

Why JG Ballard’s High-Rise takes dystopian science fiction to a new level


Claire Walsh, editor, researcher and J.G. Ballard's partner, discusses Ballard's life and interests in a presentation that closes the proceedings of the forum

Beasts Of No Nation (Trailer)

Damn this looks good. Coming October 16
Patti Smith, Survivor